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Eco-Transparency seeks to encourage trade with foodstuffs in an environment-friendly way, so that resources are preserved.

To this end, Eco-Transparency awards certificates to those companies who endeavour to deal with bio-resources in a sustainable way. With their certificates, these companies can prove that they are contributing to the conservation of resources in their production of foodstuffs. In addition, such practices mean that they can make savings by the optimal use of their own resources, and thus improve their economies. Consumers also have the opportunity to support companies which comply with resource-protecting principles in food production. Apart from their domestic savings, every consumer thereby makes an essential contribution to eco-friendly food production. Thus the concept of preserving resources while producing foods can be spread as widely as possible and bio-resources can be protected.

The excess of food in the industrial nations often puts a strain on the supply structures of the producing countries. How can we achieve economic and eco-friendly food production? How can we combine environment protection with economy?

• ECO-Transparency offers support, information and certification.
• ECO-Transparency addresses itself to producers, marketers, processors and consumers who deal with foods in a considerate way and thereby make a great contribution to environmental protection.
• In particular, we support projects which demonstrably combine ecological and economical trade and which make this trade transparent.
• ECO-Transparency awards certificates and provides an internet platform for the spread and exchange of information between consumers.

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