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Initiativkreis Vision für eine soziale und verantwortungsbewusste Lebensgestaltung

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Out of worries for the future, a small group of people with intensive practical life experience gained by activities in the social fields: trade unions, churches and economy has tried to work out a "vision" how our society can change its behaviour.

The authors are very well aware and accept the fact that in view of the importance of the subject the compressed summary is inevitably incomplete and not described completely. The framework is outlined and as it is often the case: the way is the goal. So the authors of the paper "Vision einer sozialen und verantwortungsbewussten Lebensgestaltung" turn to all people of good will who realize the great dangers and threats to mankind and who are looking full of concern for ways out of our labyrinth of civilization. The authors want to make people think, to make connections clear and would like to enter into a serious dialogue with supporters and critics of this "vision". It is the authors´ special request not to pause at a critical analysis of the existing order and to accuse the same, but to show ways which lead out of the two dead ends: capitalism and state socialism. Bases and practical examples for the realization of these "visions" are listed up in two special chapters.

All of the suggested changes are based on the possibilities and ideas of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and the contents of the proclaimed human rights. Herewith, this description of a modified society obviously loses the character of an Utopia and envisages an absolutely realizable future as "vision" instead.

The following fields are subject-matters of the future-oriented way of looking at things:

Economy - work - competition - money and capital - technology and rationalization - energy - ecology - ownership of means of production and land - the task of the State - the social network -culture - the nature of man - globalization - agriculture.

We consider it our task to spread our "vision", we look for the dialogue and we do public relations work on all conceivable levels within the framework of the current daily work.

We offer lectures and we organize seminars, we look for and arrange for contacts, also with regard to the mentioned practical examples. From case to case, we can offer overnight accommodations.


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