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Lebendige Kommunikation mit Frauen in ihren Kulturen e. V. (LebKom)

Scharnhorststr. 11
36037 Fulda

Phone No.: +49-661-64125
Fax No.: +49-661-6790091
Contact person: Ulrike Niewerth


LebKom is a non profit-making organisation with the objective “to create conditions leading to an improvement in women's physical and mental quality of life by lively communication with them in their cultures.”

LebKom was founded in 1986 by social workers and students of social pedagogy. LebKom is active at home and abroad, the focal points being social education and psychosocial work in Germany and Kenya.

The research and practice project “Women in Kenya” (FINK) explores new avenues in development cooperation, together with Kenyan women. Working hand in hand with LebKom, they are put into practice at grass roots level.
FINK focusses on further development, monitoring and evaluation of the project work in Kenya, as well as political and educational public relations work at national and international level.

• HIV / AIDS prevention
• Safe family planning
• a solar cooker for each women's group
• Travel project “As Friends to Kenya”: those interested can visit us in Kenya and get an insight into our project work. (Transparency by direct encounters)
• The Fulda-Mosocho-Projekt “Genital mutilation is conquerable”

Key aspects in Germany:

• Work with Immigrants
• Psychosocial work towards improved health
• Sustainable development educational work

Ulrike Niewerth is the contact person for LebKom.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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