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Verein zur Förderung INTERnationaler SOLidarität

Strubergasse 18
5020 Salzburg

Telefon: +43 (0)662 874723
Telefax: +43 (0)662 874749
Adresse e-mail:office@intersol.at
Interlocuteur: Hans Eder

Les Thèmes

INTERSOL, founded in 1992. is a non profit-making organisation in accordance with Austrian law, It is non denominational and non partisan. Based on a cosmopolitan self-image, INTERSOL works towards a pluralistic and democratic single world.

The purpose of the society is to further international solidarity, the focus being on direct, innovative development cooperation in the sense of “working together on equal terms”. Specifically, INTERSOL and its southern partners tackle poverty and development barriers comprehensively, structurally and systematically. With the agreement of its southern partners, this is closely linked to the prospect of human rights and their own self-determined development and history. Particular stress is laid on the advancement of local and regional development cycles, being open to global developments and innovative forms of cooperation and solidarity.

INTERSOL supports programs and projects in the following areas:

• Education and training
• Agriculture/organic farming/permaculture
• Health care
• Support for small businesses, developing income
• Development of organisations
• Solving water and sewage problems
• Introduction of renewable energy (above all solar power)

A special aspect is the empowerment of women.
Another key aspect is direct support for children and young people (courses, scholarships, building up small independent businesses). This is an efficient way of combatting youth unemployment and lack of prospects.

INTERSOL initiates the financial, personal and organisational support and coordination of individual projects, as well as systematic, usually long-term and bilateral international cooperative schemes.

INTERSOL cooperates and has projects in the following countries:

• Bolivia
• El Salvador
• Guatemala
• Peru
• India

Further key areas:

• Information, publicity, education and advocacy.
• Intensifying existing contacts and creating new ones, as well as communicating with individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and other private and public establishments, predominntly from the “Third World”.
• Networking the work of organisations whose activities are similar.

Hans Eder ist the Director of INTERSOL and is responsible for north-south cooperation and the deployment of personnel.

On request we can offer other net participants advice and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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