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Europäische Pioniersiedlung e.V.

76891 Bruchweiler-Bärenbach

Phone No.: +49 6394/1378
Fax No.: +49 6394/1811
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Brisach, Bettina


Our association has the creation, maintenance and promotion of European pioneer settlements as its aim. The pioneer settlements shall be mainly located in economic and socially threatened regions and are placed at the disposal of the young people of Europe as "European territories". On the basis of the human rights they shall have the effect of germ cells of a democratic and peaceful Europe.

The pioneer settlements devote themselves to the service of democracy,
- by forming viable and manageable long-term relationships which makes the young people have a share of the responsibility for the common tasks,
- by putting the human needs in the centre of a work on a cooperative basis in agriculture and trade and thus promoting the development of the intellectual and practical capabilities and the teaching people to be personally responsible.

The pioneer settlements devote themselves to the service of solidarity,
- by making possibilities of a direct and material assistance available for sections of the population who are in need of it,
- by rendering well-directed development assistance in threatened regions as a help to help himself/herself in economical, social and cultural matters.

The pioneer settlements devote themselves to the service of peace,
- by bringing young persons from all European countries together to participate in a common reconstruction work,
- by working on the development of alternatives in all areas of life by exchanging ideas with all parts of the European population and to contribute herewith to create new relationships between the sections of the population and regions of Europe.

Bettina Brisach, born in Frankfurt in 1950, mother of 2 children and single mother at the moment, has been working a lot in the field of self-sufficiency, now she is working in the field of bookkeeping and dispatch, now as before she is interested in living in groups. Hobby: riding.

We offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants.


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