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Interlocuteur: Marianne Doetzer

Les Thèmes

The non profit making organisation WEMA-HOME was founded in 1993 with the aim of enabling children and young people in Benin to get an education and employment, of raising the standard of living in poor rural areas and not least raising awareness of the necessity of environment and nature conservation through specific projects. Our guiding principle is helping people to help themselves.

“wema-home” means “school” in the Mahi language.

The basis of lasting improvement can only be education and training for young people. The formula is simple: no money means no schooling, no schooling means no money.


• Training centre for girls and young women: courses in needlework, weaving, pottery and gardening; production of soaps and skin care oils; production of fruit juices, soya milk and soya cheese. Hygiene and aids prevention, as well as literacy classes, are compulsory subjects.
• Wasteland project: environment and nature conservancy for primary schools.
• Wemakumi (also known as shea butter or carite butter): an earning opportunity for women.
• Recycling used plastic bags: crochet bags – a new and fascinating source of auxiliary income for women.
• Solar lamp project: the aim is to establish micro enterprises which assemble, hire out and maintain solar lamps.
• School project and sponsorships

Marianne Dötzer is on the committee of WEMA-HOME

On request we can offer other net participants advice, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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