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Volunteers to Support International Efforts in Developing Africa


Sliver Beach, ELWA
10-2559 Monrovia

Phone No.: +231-7706–1114 (Office Line), +231–845–344 (Mobile)
Fax No.: +12 063 392 614
Contact person: Wellekema Jukoryan


The ‘Volunteers to Support International Efforts in Developing Africa (VOSIEDA)’ is a Liberian nongovernmental organization working on multiple poverty front-lines to promote changes so people can live productive, healthier and more independent lives in Liberia and the border regions of the Mano River regions. The organization got established in 2001 and is fully registered since January 8th, 2003 in Liberia as a national NGO.

Our programs include:

• Democracy and Human Right
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Forestry and Climate Change
• Public Health
• Community Developments
• Policy Research

VOSIEDA work to promote and facilitate sustainable development that results in equality and equal opportunities with a strong sense of ownership for all, thereby contributing to a more secure, equitable and prosper society in Liberia and the Mano River basin.

Our Vision is transformed policy and to promote participatory decision making processes that result in responsible governance and nature resources management for sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

• Strengthening capicities of local communities and farm families to to fight poverty, injustice and disease while taking control of their own development.
• Building recovery and reform by transforming decision-making about natural resources extraction, human rights, social injustice; promote and enhance the participations of civil society, especially local people in the process.
• Monitor, investigate (research) document and report on various issues associated natural resources extraction, human rights, and social injustice, corruption etc. and trade primary to civil society and local people to inform and shape their advocacy on these issues.
• Support local people organizing, planning and taking actions aimed at promoting sustainable development of resources in their communities while working to promote and defend their individual and collective rights
• Lobby for policy and system reforms

VOSIED would provide networking opportunities to other organizations in the network that might be interesting in working with Liberian organizations or organizations base in West Africa in any of our focus area. We also provide volunteering opportunities for people from other regions of the world to work with us as volunteers in Liberia or the Mano River basin of west Africa.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work: Food Security, Forestry, Environment and Climate Change, Democracy, Human Right and Equality, Sustainable and Social Developments, Research and Impacts Evaluations.


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