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Ourchild e. V.

Internationales Kinderhilfswerk

Rudolf-Gröschner-Str. 11
99518 Bad Sulza

Telefon: +49 (0)36461 92839
Telefax: +49 (0)36461 92895
Adresse e-mail:info@ourchild.de
Interlocuteur: Marion Schneider

Les Thèmes

Residents in and around Bad Sulza, all of whom work in social and health care areas, founded the non profit organisation OURCHILD in 1997.

The projects, which are concerned with street children, slum dwellers and indigenous cultures in eight countries throughout the world, are designed for the long term. Their aim is to enable people to live by their own efforts, without outside help. The work of Ourchild shows that it is possible to do something about undesirable social and ecological developments.

• Santa Clara Children's Home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• Favelas Vila Nova/ Vila Beira Mar (Brazil): Health care centre, school and kindergarten for approx. 250 children. This includes a computer workshop and a library as well as providing daily school meals. OurChild's partner organisation, IBISS (Instituto Brasileiro de Inovações em Saúde Social) works together with local residents to improve infrastructure (water, sewage, electricity etc.). The school also organises cultural activities such as dance, music, football, and the library. In addition, IBISS organises community work on the spot.
• The project „Never Again Child Soldiers“, run by Ourchild project partner IBISS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, resocialises children and youths from the drug scene, where the drug mafia deploys them as child soldiers, by trauma therapy, social work, education and work placement.
• Resgate - Refuge(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): Resgate is an integrative kindergarten and care shelter for mentally and physically disabled children. .
• Centro San Viator: Physiotherapy Clinic in Tamshiyacu, Peruvian jungle, together with the partner organisation Peruvian Amazon Conservation Fund (PAC). OURCHILD funds the employment of a physiotherapist, making therapy available to children and handicapped children from the villages scattered in the jungle.
• Vietnam: The building of a fourth pre-school in the poorest provinces of South Vietnam, together with our partner organisation IHPMO (International Humane Projects Management Office).
• Child in the Sun: This project (Centre for Education and Vocational Training for Street Children) has been trying to tackle the growing numbers of street children in Tanzania since 1992. OURCHILD supports the school and the training farm near Dar-es-Saalam.
• Musee National Du Rwanda: vocational school (CAM) (Butare/Ruanda), Sale of hand made greeting cards made from banana leaves.
• Earthkeepers – an indigenous project in Atlanta (USA). OurChild gives financial support for the building of an 'Earth Lodge' a tribal building for up to 200 people, built into the earth and traditionally known as a “healing house”.
• Maloca Auerworld – “House of learning” which teaches environmental creativity and sustainable regional development. Centre for global, interdisciplinary communication. An international community project that enables the realisation of ideas for sustainable development.

On request we can offer other net participants advice and /or up to date information and provide contacts in the field of our work.


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