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HelpAge Deutschland e.V.

Alte Synagogenstr. 2
49078 Osnabrück

Phone No.: +49(0)541-580 5404.+49(0)541-58054055; +49(0)178-5588766
Fax No.: +49(0)541-580 540 66
Contact person: Lutz Hethey


The non-profit making organisation HelpAge Deutschland was founded on 12th July 2005 as a development organisation calling for social, economic and cultural rights for old people. It is part of the worldwide network HelpAge International.

HelpAge Deutschland supports exemplary projects in developing and transition countries in the areas of social security, nutrition, health care, knowledge transfer and cultural diversity, as well as the integration of the elderly. These projects are aimed at enabling older citizens to achieve recognition, financial security, well-being and a life of dignity.

At the same time, HelpAge Deutschland exerts influence on the age and development policies of the German government and the European Union, to sensitise politicians, economists and the general population to the needs and interests of senior citizens.

HelpAge Deutschland is also active in offering emergency disaster aid.

HelpAge Deutschland supports projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the key areas mentioned above. These projects are generally implemented by partner organisations on the ground. HelpAge offers advice, monitors the projects and continuously evaluates results. Thereby HelpAge Deutschland relies on the regional and national offices which maintain the worldwide international network.

• KwaWazee – Tanzania: basic pension for grandmothers
• Musa – South Africa: Senior citizens against HIV/AIDS
• Waman Wasi – Peru: The elderly pass on their knowledge to the young in the "School of Life”.
• APU – Peru: Biodiversity and nutrition security in Peru
• Pfuna Swissiwana – Mozambique: mobilising the elderly
• Living Lives: training elders
• RIC Bangladesh: accommodation and health security for old women
• Lessan – Indonesien: The knowledge of senior citizens can save lives
• Photo exhibition: Silent heroines
• Education project humane work: combating the exploitation of the elderly.
• World Water Day 2010: access to clean water
• Haiti Emergency Aid: Assisting in the work of rebuilding
• Climate change/Ethiopia: provision of drinking water
• Emergency aid Merapi; Pakistan, Burma, India, Ethiopia.

Lutz Hethey is the business manager of HelpAge Deutschland.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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