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Aktion Partnerschaft 3. Welt e.V.

Kronenstr. 21
76113 Karlsruhe

Teléfono: +49 721-32050
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Portavoz: Schiess, Manfred

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The "Aktion Partnerschaft Dritte Welt" is a charitable association which was founded in 1973 and makes efforts so that the claim of all people to justice and humane existence becomes a criterion for the political and economical relationships between developing and industrialized countries.

To achieve this, we are of the opinion that a fundamental change of the present world economic policy is necessary. Such a new policy should have the effect that the rich do not become richer and richer and the poor not poorer and poorer, as we observe it all over the world and in our own country. We therefore claim a rejection of the mere profit aspiration and a turn towards a policy which orientates itself towards social justice all over the world. This must be based at the same time on responsibility for the environment and the future generations. We want that an end will be put to the unscrupulous over-exploitation of the resources of our earth. This over-exploitation is in the favour of a minority only but it takes away the basis of the livelihood of many people who live together with us or after us.

We support cooperatives of farmers and craftsmen, self-help groups, educational institutions, initiatives to save the rainforest and the indigenous people, a reafforestation programme as well as the introduction of solar energy and biological gas in the countries of the South. Moreover, we secure the living of orphants in Ruanda.

We try to develop and to change consciousness by the sale of goods that are traded in a fair way, by a pedagogical collection of material for (school) lessons, a North-South-library and circular letters and radio programmes. At the moment, the association counts approx. 100 members, at the same time it is the sponsor of the world shop in Karlsruhe. We are open with regard to confessions and party politics and we are looking for the cooperation and disussion with all democratic groups and institutions. We are members of the "Diakonisches Werk der Evangelischen Landeskirche Baden e.V." (welfare and social institution of the Protestant regional church of Baden. Most of the work is done by volunteers and financed from donations.

Manfred Schiess, born in Karlsruhe in 1943, is a teacher for physics, chemistry and geography. In 1970-1973 and 1982-1989, he worked with the German development aid service in Tanzania, there at last on the Mzumbe Book Project, a publishing house for school books who make books for schools with the "do-it-yourself"-idea, that have no facilities for experiments for the natural sciences. Since 1990, he has been the chairman of the "APDW".

We can give lectures and communicate specialist information and arrange for contacts with regard to cooperation in the fields of development aid and future-compatible development.


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