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Evangelisch methodistische Kirche

Angelbaumstr. 12
74211 Leingarten

Telefon: +49 7131-901221
Telefax: +49 7131-901222
Adresse e-mail:Emk.GFS.Graesle@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Gräsle, Paul

Les Thèmes

Paul Gräsle is a representative for justice, peace and preservation of the Creation in the Protestant-Methodist Church. He coordinates events and activities referring to matters of peace, ecology, the Third World, human rights or justice inside our society which are caused by individuals or church groups within the Protestant-Methodist Church. He is a member of the synod for Germany (central conference) and the expert committee for justice, peace and preservation of the Creation and assists the parochial church council. He orientates himself towards the social principles of the Protestant-Methodist Church and its comments on justice, peace and preservation of the Creation, but also towards the existing resolutions resulting from the ecumenical area.

The cooperation with other churches and committees (Baptists, Mennonites, Quakers, Protestant and Catholic Church, church organizations and networks ?) proves to be necessary and reasonable.

The public relations work is done by cooperation in the official magazines and books as well as other publications and media of the Protestant-Methodist Church. It is also done in the form of circular letters for justice, peace and preservation of the Creation which are addressed to interested and committed persons. They inform, motivate and serve the reciprocal exchange of experience. Public relations work is also done in the field of social policy - especially there, people are also looking for the ecumenical cooperation.

The work of the representative for justice, peace and preservation of the Creation in the Protestant-Methodist Church becomes evident in the publication or initiation of model-like actions of individuals or church groups, by participation in campaigns (for example in the field of human rights) and models of actions or even by accompanying ecumenical actions.

Paul Gräsle, born in 1945, is working at a vocational college as a graduate engineer. In his municipality, he is working among other things as a lay preacher, he commits himself also in national committees, initiatives and campaigns, politically in the district council and in eco-groups and peace groups.

I can inform about the Protestant-Methodist Church and other churches and religious communities, arrange for contacts and procure literature, technical aids in many areas or give lectures.


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