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Mosaik GmbH

Betreuung, Förderung und Beratung behinderter Menschen

Wiener Str. 148
8020 Graz

Telefon: +43 316 68 98 66
Telefax: +43 316 68 98 66-119
Adresse e-mail:office@mosaik-gmbh.org
Interlocuteur: Petra Habisch

Les Thèmes

Mosaik was founded in 1997 as a non profit making, limited liability company. It arose from the „Steirischen Vereinigung zugunsten behinderter Kinder und Jugendlicher“ (STVBKJ – Styrian Association in Aid of Handicapped Children and Juveniles) founded in 1973. Mosaik's sphere of activity lies in caring for, advising and encouraging handicapped people from childhood to adulthood. The guiding principle behind our various activities is to enable the handicapped to participate in the life of the community.

Mosaik offers the following services:
• Care and supervision
• Support and promotion
• Advice
• Therapy
• Occupation and help with incorporation into the world of work.

These services are offered in the following areas:
• Kindergartens for children with special needs: care and supervision of preschool children with and without a disability, by professional teachers and therapists.
• School Home: providing for school age children (6-16) with physical or multiple handicaps.
• Ambulatorium: specialist care for handicapped people through various forms of therapy; physiotherapy, hippotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy and psychology.
• Accommodation: we offer accommodation to disabled school leavers who wish to live independently. In the various living arrangements provided, they can acquire all the skills necessary to live an independent life. Mosaik offers the following living arrangements: transitional training accommodation, training accommodation, assisted accommodation and partially-assisted accommodation.
• Workshops and Practice Office: our creative and productive workshops are aimed at school leavers and adults with mental, physical and multiple handicaps.
• Counselling Centre "Bunte Rampe": Information for the handicapped (social rights, barrier-free development, handicap generally, holiday tips...) advice on occupational therapy, rental of aid devices, advice on supported communication.
• Mobile Services: interdisciplinary early intervention and family support, living assistance, family respite service.
• Day Centres: These provide needs-oriented and meaningful activities and occupations and participation in a daily routine which is as normal and integrated as possible.
• Library

• Sport-Mosaik
• Mosaik-Kiosk
• Supported communication
• Mirabilis® — Wonderland of the senses
• Integrative Experience Park
• Lifelong Competences - Informal Learning in Social Fields
• Networked therapy provision for children with cerebral palsy.

Petra Habisch is the Assistant Director of Mosaik.

On request we can offer other net participants up to date information and contacts in the field of handicapped people as well as overnight accommodation.


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