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Pressehütte Mutlangen

Forststr. 3
73557 Mutlangen

Telefon: +49 7171-75661
Adresse e-mail:post@pressehuette.de
Interlocuteur: Rodi, Lotte

Les Thèmes

The Mutlangen Press Cabin is a centre for active non-violence, based in southern Germany (Baden-Württemberg). In the 80s, the town of Mutlangen became a symbol for non-violent opposition to the Pershing II nuclear missiles. The Press Cabin was the starting point for numerous blockade actions.

The missiles have been withdrawn. The time of civil disobedience and the trials are over. The historic Press Cabin has become a meeting house.

In the Press Cabin there are the offices for two societies: the Peace Workshop and the Peace Meeting Place.

The Peace Workshop has been working for worldwide nuclear disarmament for many years. It imparts basic knowledge about current atomic weapons politics to young people, develops peace projects, partly in collaboration with other organisations, such as Mayors for Peace. As an NGO, it has taken an active part in international disarmament conferences since 2005, with travel activities for young people for a world free of atomic weapons. The Peace Workshop also focuses on educational work in the area of disarmament and non-violent conflict - in particular the reappraisal of the protests against the stationing of Pershing II.

We offer overnight accommations. After prior agreement, we can give expert advice and lectures, and communicate for up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the field of violence-free solutions to conflicts, civil disobedience, space militarization and armament with nuclear weapons.


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