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Jakobsweg als Gesundheits-Pfad

Teckstr. 5
73119 Zell u. A.

Phone No.: +49 7164-7809
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Contact person: Schumacher, Ernst


Linking structure for modern health promotion:

Where? - From Hohenstaufen through Krummwälden, Göppingen, Faurndau, Jebenhausen, Pliensbach, Ohmden to Kirchheim / Bodelshofen; here a connection with the European Jakobsweg. Wherever possible, existing hiking trails should be used.

What? - A nature trail for health, combining five health levels: sport/physical fitness, belief, culture, intact environment and climate, "our daily bread": healthy nourishment and work; medicine.

Who uses the trail? Sports clubs; churches and parishes; nature and climate protection, landlords, medical companies.

Who is to create and maintain the trail?- Local organisations or individuals from the 5 health areas: cooperation with administration and municipal authorities; sponsors from the public health care system and local businesses.

The point of the Jakobsweg-Allee? - The planned theme trail can mean different things to different people: recreation and health trail; family and club activities; stimulus for tourism and health care businesses; agriculture; conservation of peace and creation; dialogue on a local, regional, national level, ?. global?; local identity; working on a common idea.

Ernst Schumacher, born in 1947 in Krefeld, married with 3 children, has been working as a neurologist and psychiatrist/psychotherapist in Göppingen since 1993. In the 1980s, he worked as a general practitioner in the regional hospital in Finschhafen in Papua New Guinea, where he, alongside his hospital work, helped to found a school for barefoot doctors and an initiative for the training of village midwives.

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