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Helfen ohne Grenzen

Hafergasse 2
8401 Kalsdorf

Telefon: +43 0660 7607452
Adresse e-mail:info@helfenohnegrenzen.at
Interlocuteur: Julia Mayerhofer

Les Thèmes

Help Without Frontiers was founded in 2002 by Benno Röggla in South Tyrol. The organisation has grown considerably since then and today we have branches in Austria, Germany and – since 2010 – also in Switzerland. Help Without Frontiers Austria was founded in 2006 and follows the same guidelines and ideals as the parent organisation in South Tyrol.

Help Without Frontiers is a non-profit organisation, set up with the aim of helping Burmese war refugees. We seek to overcome not only geographical borders, but especially the barriers in people's hearts and minds.

• Primary education: Help Without Frontiers Austria is supporting three schools for refugee children from Burma: E’Htu Hta, New Day School, No Boh Deh.
• Arranging school sponsorships
• Nutrition­: “yummy!” - Food to schools

Help Without Frontiers Austria partly shares in the projects of Help Without Frontiers South Tyrol, but in future it will concentrate on primary education. At the same time we aim to encourage talent through secondary education and alternative education initiatives. We are convinced that education is the key to escaping the vicious circle of poverty, hopelessness and poor living conditions. Our long-term objective is to ensure sustainable future prospects.

We work together closely with partners on the ground and visit our projects several times a year. ­

Julia Mayerhofer iis the president of Help Without Frontiers Austria.

On request we can offer other net participants advice and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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