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Social Business Stiftung (Social Business Foundation)

Palstek 33 Im Kontor S
21129 Hamburg

Phone No.: +49 (0)40 7428122; +49 (0) 175 4178101
Fax No.:
Contact person: Gerhard Bissinger


The Social Business Foundation was founded in 2009, with the aim of offering help and support to needy people by giving them the means to use their own initiative and apply their own strengths to work towards their goals. We trust that after these people have reached their goal, they will, as far as they are able, let money, ideas, thoughts and dedication flow back into the scheme, to help those of the next generation who find themselves in a similar situation.

A “Social Business” is a project or a company which solves social or ecological problems cost-effectively and sustainably. That is to say that after the start-up phase, they run without the need of donations or other long-term grants. The aim of a “Social Business” is maximising social and/or ecological returns. This means that social and ecological aims such as tackling poverty, combating disease, or protecting the environment should be achieved through commercial activities which cover their costs. Profits are reinvested or invested in other “Social Businesses”. Thus money is in a perpetual cycle – once, twice, three times, four times.

One form of “Social Business” is microlending, on which this foundation particularly focusses. Microlending enables people to use a loan to set up their own businesses, transforming themselves from someone begging for charity into a business partner of equal standing.

The foundation promotes the Social Business concept of Muhammad Yunus (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006); in particular tackling poverty, strengthening women, protecting the climate, encouraging international cooperation and supporting other social and/or ecological objectives.

The Social Business Foundation does not only offer help in the classical way (i.e. by donating money to projects using the proceeds of the Trust) but in three ways:

• with financial aid (support for Social Business startups)
• with manpower (deployment of the staff of the foundation or of our partners e.g.Oikocredit Förderkreis Norddeutschland, Just Capital Social Business Development GmbH)
• with capital (investing foundation funds in Social Businesses)

Examples of Social Businesses:
• Kopeme Bank - Bank for the Village (Microlending institution in Togo)
• Adakavi Bank of SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) Sierra Leone: Microloans for war widows and orphans
• Oikocredit – invest in people (International development cooperative)
• Allez! Social Business UG (Afforestation project “Every tree counts”)
• The African Business Information Bank (AfricanBIB): Mr Tmenta F. Kennedy from Cameroon has developed a data base with an inspection sticker for African companies, whereby he inspects and certifies them, then brings them together with investors.
• Help Group

Gerhard Bissinger is our partner from Just Capital and the founder and president of the Social Business Foundation.

On request we can offer other net participants advice and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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