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Homies Unidos - El Salvador

1 calle poniente y 47 Avenida Norte, Condominio Residencial Normadia, Edificio A, Apartamento 5-A,
San Salvador

Telefon: +503 25418924
Telefax: +503 21243743
Adresse e-mail:luisromerogavidia@yahoo.com
Interlocuteur: Luis Ernesto Romero Gavidia

Les Thèmes

Homies Unidos – El Salvador, founded in 1996, is an independent non-profit organization, which has been a catalyst for change, working to end violence and promote peace in our communities through gang prevention, the promotion of human rights in immigrant communities, and the empowerment of youth through positive alternatives to gang involvement and destructive behavior.

Homies Unidos of El Salvador is dedicated to the objective of obtaining the social reintegration of young people in maras (gangs) back into their communities and curtailing the cycle of violence created through the deportation of criminalized immigrants and the dispossession of basic human rights.

Homies Unidos’s mission is to provide the inherent right of youth, families and their communities to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential in a just, safe and healthy society

• Rehabilitation and Prevention: Prevention workshops in schools, Capacity Building with NGO´s, Creating alliances and Coordination with rehabilitation institution, Capacity Building around internal and external phenomenon of gangs, Educational Programs
• Health Program: Workshops about HIV-AIDS HIV-AIDS testing for at-risk and gang involved youth, Prenatal care for gang involved youth, Pre and Post counselling, Tattoo Removal, Medical attention in detention and prison facilities
• Education Program: Vocation Scholarships, Diplomas of Professional studies, Education Awareness, Alphabetization
• Human Rights: Documenting and following cases of human Rights abuses; Legal and family resources
• Mental Health: Drug rehabilitation, Recreational Activities
• Micro Enterprises: Bakery, Catering Carts, Artisan

Luis Ernesto Romero Gavidia is the Executive Director of Homies Unidos – El Salvador.

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