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Internationales Frauenzentrum in Heidelberg e.V.

Theaterstr. 16
69117 Heidelberg

Phone No.: +49 6221/182334
Fax No.: +49 6221/853673
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We, women from different cultures, founded the association "Internationales Frauenzentrum e.V. Heidelberg" (international women's centre in Heidelberg) in August 1991 with the objective to close a gap in the phychological care of immigrated women and girls.

We are a recognized advisory centre in accordance with the law on pregnancy and family assistance as well as a marriage guidance council, family planning centre and life guidance council.

Within this framework, we offer immigrated women and girls advice which is geared to their needs and which considers the factors such as culture and language.

A social worker, a phychologist, a pedagogue and two doctors give advice in the native languages (Spanish, Persian, Turkish, Korean and English) as well as in German. They receive themselves supervision and expert support from psychologists and lawyers.

Interpreter service: If required, interpreters are appointed. Offered languages: Italian, French, Indian, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Serbo-Croat, Albanian, Chinese, Polish, Rumanian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Persian, Arabian and Spanish.

We offer advice on the following subjects:

Within the framework of counselling of pregnant women in conflict situations:
- according to ยง219 StGB (penal code) in the case of a conflict caused by pregnancy, after an abortion,
- family planning and contraception, sexual advice,
- social and socio-legal advice during pregnancy and after birth.

Within the framework of marriage guidance, family planning and life guidance:
- difficulties in the family or partnership, generation gaps,
- in the case of unfulfilled desire for children, bicultural advice for couples, violence against women,
- legal assistance, in particular Aliens Act, migration and health, social advice.

We inform about social welfare, child benefit, family allowance, housing benefit, foundation benefits and other financial assistance.

We can give expert advice on the above mentioned matters, give a lecture or communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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