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Consultoria MYPE

Unternehmensberatung jederorts und für jedermann

Calle Oscar Chocano 173, dep. 101
33 Lima

Telefon: +51 1 2730299
Adresse e-mail:robertbaumgartner@hotmail.com
Interlocuteur: Robert Baumgartner

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Consultoría MYPE, founded in 2009, is an internet platform where owners of small businesses in Peru can receive free advice from other entrepreneurs.

Consultoría MYPE is a wholly internet-based consultancy firm. Apart from free advice from other entrepreneurs, we also offer advice from local experts at affordable prices.

By offering this urgently needed advice over the net, we hope to reach owners of small businesses in the remotest areas of Peru, especially in the Peruvian highlands and in the Amazon basin. It means that for the first time, we can bring top quality advice to areas that have never had access to it before, because of their remoteness.

Robert Baumgartner is the administrator and co-founder of Consultoria MYPE.

On request we can offer other net participants up to date information and provide contacts in the field of fighting poverty. In addition we can provide important tips on Peru.


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