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Förderverein Santa María del Apante e.V.

Falckweg 9
22605 Hamburg

Phone No.: +49 (0)40/880 71 42
Fax No.: +49 (0)40/82244981
Contact person: Albert Weber und Rolf Hormanns


The non profit-making organisation «Santa María del Apante e.V.», founded in 1992, supports the building, renovation and maintenance of schools and kindergartens in Nicaragua – both financially and with advice and practical help. In order to do this, we raise money in Germany, collecting donations from private individuals, trusts and institutions.

Our main concern is to give children in this, the second poorest Latin American country, at least a basic education, which will help them to lead an independent life, even in conditions of great poverty.

The organisation only assists projects which have been initiated and independently carried out by locals (usually the parents or the town mayors). This increases the acceptance and willingness to contribute to the work. Instead of supplying ready-made buildings and equipment, Nicaraguan workers and local companies are given employment.

The organisation gets involved only under the following conditions:
• the community provides the land free of charge
• it submits detailed building plans and cost estimates
• the local people commit themselves to doing a certain amount of the work themselves
• the Ministry of Education or the local education authority agree in advance to engage the necessary teaching staff
• all the accounts are laid before the “man on the spot” or the committee of the organisation

• School complex "Santa María del Apante" near the capital, Managua
• The building of several village schools in outlying districts of Nicaragua
• The construction of wells and small sports facilities in the schools, once they are finished

Albert Weber is a committee member and founder of the organisation.
All the members of the organisation work on an honorary basis, which keeps administration and advertising costs to a minimum.

On request, we can offer advice to other net participants or provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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