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Technologie- und Ökologiebetriebe Ebertsheim

Eduard-Mann-Str. 1-7
67280 Ebertsheim

Telefon: +49 6359/961207
Telefax: +49 6359/961208
Adresse e-mail:Andreas.Valentin@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Valentin, Andreas

Les Thèmes

In the beginning, the idea stood for an alternative living and working project.

In 1985, the appropriate property for that purpose was found: An old paper mill in Ebertsheim which went bankrupt and which was to be sold. Residential and factory buildings (a surface of approx. 10,000 square metres with superstructure) were concerned, in addition 40,000 square metres empty ground. At that time, we wrote about our project:" Enormous possibilities but also the enormous task to convert a big environment destructing complex (paper mill) into a living and working area where human beings and nature are respected. But even in its present state, the premises with its old buildings, the park and the field-meadow area give a tremendous incentive to accept this task."

In the meantime, our group consists of 26 adults and 17 children and young persons. Much of what we had planned to do at that time has been carried out. Most different companies, associations and activities developed with which we try to put our objectives relating to environmental and social policy into practice and to create, respectively to maintain at the same time an economic basis which is necessary for the renovation and reorganization of the building complex. However, illusions were buried as well and some problems have remained unsolved now as before. Large parts of the former factory buildings are still unused and offer attractive expansion possibilities for living space, offices, workshops etc. This is why we are now as before looking for people who are interested in getting involved in our project. People who bring with them a lot of own initiative, phantasy and commitment to contribute to the preservation of such a project.

Andreas Valentin, born in Wolfsburg in 1957, is married and has got 3 children. He is a freelance landscape architect (special field: water), without religious or philosophically determined religious persuasion, but open for many things, and takes care of the heating facilities, inluding block-type thermal power stations.

I can give expert advice for other net participants, deliver expert opinions, give lectures, arrange for up-to-date specialist information/contacts in the field of block-type thermal power stations, solar energy, ecological building and environment pedagogy. An accommodation as well as block-type thermal power station inspection is possible.


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