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TUN - Tier- und Naturschutz e. V.

Postfach 1420
65764 Kelkheim/Ts

Phone No.: +49 (0)172-6712118
Fax No.: +49 6195-65118
Contact person: Lutz, Hans-J├╝rgen


In 1982, we - at that time a small, today an important group of animal protectors and animals' rights' activists of almost any age - were startled by the press releases according to which the hunt for song-birds will be continued in Italy very soon.

"All bird-catching facilities have been converted", boasted a huge German society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. We wanted to convince ourselves and drove to Northern Italy where, after a long search in almost impassable ground, we found a huge bird-catching device (so-called Roccolo) in which enormous numbers of decoy birds were penned in tiny cages which by their singing alone had already attracted flocks of song-birds and condemned them to an agonizing wriggling in the facilities. We did the only effective thing: we took all decoy birds out of the cages and let them fly away at a safe place, because the bird-catching facilities are useless without these particularly trained animals.

In the meantime, "TUN" knows the approx. 100 (!) largest bird-catching facilities of Italy and puts them out of function every spring and in particular in autumn. It turned out that the press report according to which all bird-catching facilities had been converted had been invented. Within a short period of time, we became specialists in the fight against the annual bird massacres. We registered "TUN" as a charitable association and we help animals, nature and the environment whereever we can. Contrary to large and often ponderously working organizations we want to offer an active alternative to the traditional work in this field - many different kinds of success admit that we are right. With our expeditions into the main bird-catching areas of Northern Italy which take place twice a year, we saved millions of birds from death out of sheer pleasure in killing with our self-developed methods.

The activities of our more than 100 members today have expanded continuously: we fought succesfully against offers of products from ocean turtles, against intensive livestock farming, against the brutal military horse races, against the dolphinaria (among others in the Netherlands), against bird-catching in Belgium, against animal experiments, and we stand up for products that do not contain any animals or animal products. We do public relations work in the form of lectures and information leaflets on questions about animal and environmental protection and alternative diets.

We can give expert advice for other net participants on the subjects: diets, animal protection, conservation of nature and environmental protection, we can give lectures and arrange for up-to-date contacts and communicate specialist information.


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