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Eine Welt Kreis e.V. Berchtesgaden

Wassererweg 45
83483 Bischofswiesen

Phone No.: +49 (0)8652 1275
Fax No.:
Contact person: Annegret Gaffal


The Eine Welt Kreis (One World Circle) was founded in 1992 in southern Berchtesgaden, Germany, as a non-denominational association of people who wanted to contribute towards achieving decent living conditions for people throughout the world.

5 projects are at present being carried out, financed by the profits from the fair-trade shop, and thanks to the voluntary work and support of many members, the inhabitants of Berchtesgaden, the business community, and Catholic and Protestant churches. These are:

• "AGAPE" in Dodoma, Tanzania – a street children project - education for former street children and rubbish- dump children in Tanzania,
• "El Nino" in Quito, Ecuador – a centre for the disabled,
• "Sparrow Home" in Bangkok, Thailand, a home for the children of women in prison,
• "Haiti-Kinderhilfe." – a school project and support for 2 children’s homes in Haiti,
• "OAZA" in Rovinj, Croatia – a care centre for Balkan War orphans.

Annegret Gaffal is the president of the organisation.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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