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Windern 57
4693 Desselbrunn

Telefon: + 43/676/5622086
Adresse e-mail:info@prosudan.at
Interlocuteur: Johann Rauscher

Les Thèmes

Sudan is one of the world’s poorest countries. The land has been rocked by many crises. Help is urgently needed. The non-profit organisation “ProSudan” seeks to bring efficient relief through specifically selected humanitarian development aid projects.

The main objectives are:

• to promote education for children and adolescents
• to promote vocational training for adolescents and adults
• to promote agricultural projects
• to provide supplies (cars, technical equipment) for local organisations working towards our objectives
• to support local social projects (feeding children, social work, pastoral work …)
• to support medical projects.

The basic principle behind the support measures is “helping people to help themselves“. The work of the organisation is not limited to supporting church projects, but is strictly aimed at humanitarian aid, regardless of the religious, ethnic or political background of those affected.

The projects we support:

• Deacon Kamal’s social projects such as feeding children, children’s Homes, vocational colleges, the St. Vincent medical facilities in Khartoum, the Gabarona Water Project etc.
• Projects in Kassala parish, such as refugee schools, micro credits for women, micro credits for water transport, needlework courses etc.
• Refugee schools in Eritrea.
• Vehicles for Kassala parish.

Dr. Johann Rauscher is the chairman of the organisation ProSudan.

On request, we can offer other net participants up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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