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Jugendbewegt e.V.

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Contact person: Lisei Caspers


Youth Moves is a network of young people engaged in the areas of politics, green genetic engineering and social inequality. The association is made up of students and trainees, all of whom participate voluntarily. Youth Moves was founded in October 2006.

Following the principle "by young people for young people", the projects focus mainly on the younger generation. The goal is to motivate young people to act responsibly and do volunteer work as well as to empower them not to simply accept their present and future but to determine it themselves.

We want and have to deal with social issues and problems. For it is our future which is being decided today!


• geneIUS:
Genetically „improved“ or „manipulated“? The project „geneIUS“ centres round the issue of genetic engineering. Giving schools information, using the documentary film “GeneIUS” and holding other educational events, we cast a critical eye on the effects of genetic engineering on people, nature, the economy and countries.

• My world – your world:
In the project “My world – your world” we look at poverty and homelessness among young people. One result of the street children project is the Project Box, which gives an insight into the project and the life of street children.

• Middle East:
In the project “Middle East“ we concentrate on one of the most difficult conflicts of our times – that between Israelis and Palestinians. We encourage understanding of different religions and cultures by personal youth exchanges between Palestine, Israel and Germany.

Lisei Caspers is a member of Jugendbewegt e.V..

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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