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Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen VEN e.V.

Hausmannstrasse 9-10
30159 Hannover

Phone No.: +49 (0)511-391650
Fax No.: +49 (0)511-391675
Contact person: Katrin Beckedorf


The Lower Saxony Development Aid Association (VEN), founded in 1991, is an independent network of NGOs, initiatives and fair trade stores in the state of Lower Saxony. The focus of our varied activities lies in education and publicity work in the field of developmental policy, working towards a sustainable development of global responsibility.

Support – educate – network – assist. Thus we aim to promote worldwide social justice and ecologically sustainable development. VEN’s basis is over 100 groups, institutions and sustaining members. VEN supports its members in their work on the ground and offers communication channels and further education, thus strengthening commitment within civil society. VEN’s events and publicity work also remind the politicians in Lower Saxony of their responsibility for sustainable global development.

VEN’s central demands:

• sustainable development in Lower Saxony and worldwide,
• fair world economy,
• more social justice worldwide,
• environmental protection throughout the world.


• Bio-energy “starvation to fill the petrol tank”,
• Women and climate “Strengthen women, change the climate”,
• Human rights “Human rights possibilities”,
• Millennium goal “Planet 8”,
• Global learning,
• Fair trade,
• Voluntary service in development aid “Earthwards”.

We offer our members
consultation e.g. procuring speakers or offering financial advice, the provision of materials, exhibitions, further education e.g. seminars.

Katrin Beckedorf is the director of VEN.

On request we can offer other net participants advice or a presentation. We can provide up-to-date information and contacts in the fields of development aid, globalisation and human rights.


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