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Peoples Theater e.V.

Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 2
63073 Offenbach am Main

Telefon: +49 (0) 69/403 24844
Adresse e-mail:gabriela.mahmoudi@peoples-theater.de
Interlocuteur: Angela de Groot

Les Thèmes

People's Theater was founded in September 2001 during the Intercultural Weeks. People’s Theater aims to promote the social skills of children and juveniles by giving them constructive strategies for dealing with conflicts, thus contributing to their integration and to the prevention of violence.

Two teams of 5 set off, mainly during the week, and run People's Theater shows in schools, kindergartens and youth centres. They are an important part of the organisation, as they do the active work in public and have direct contact with children, juveniles and adults. The purpose of the organisation is to help children and juveniles in their upbringing and education, as well as to promote international relations.

The Articles of the Association are realised by:

• exchanges between children and juveniles – mainly in public establishments – on topics leading to conflict-avoiding, forward-looking, life-sustaining, humane and diligent attitudes and actions.
• conveying impartial attitudes to children and juveniles which will help them to find peaceful ways of dealing with social conflicts arising out of national, ethnic and religious prejudice.
• promoting a future-oriented, constructive upbringing and education by means of deep discussions between teachers, parents, children and youths, with the help of interactive theatre, dance theatre and seminars.
• cooperating with other societies, organisations and national and overseas institutions which work towards our goals.

Working together with the public ….

• the meaning of ethical thoughts and actions becomes apparent to the schoolchildren, teachers and actors during the course of the interaction.
• within the framework of the communication process, it becomes apparent that any social behaviour is determined by an ethical pattern of thought. By reflecting about things in the group, thought and action patterns which are better ways of dealing with conflict are developed and tried out.
• communication skills are strengthened by talking and performing together.
• the ethical development of everyone concerned is promoted, encouraging them to think and act ethically. They have an opportunity to concern themselves with “social techniques” as well as with values like integrity, respect, honesty, frankness, and trustworthiness, then to try these techniques out in concrete situations in order to discover the positive effect they have on one’s personal life.

Gabriela Mahmoudi works as a secretary for People’s Theater e.V..

On request we can offer other net participants advice or a presentation. We can provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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