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UVP-Gesellschaft e.V.

Ahdener Weg 10a
33100 Paderborn

Telefon: +49 5251-5459518
Telefax: +49 5251-5459674
Adresse e-mail:zentrum@uvp.de

Les Thèmes

The "UVP-Gesellschaft e.V.", founded in 1987 at the university of Dortmund as the "UVP-Förderverein" has had its seat in Hamm/Westfalen since 1989 and is the central communication agency for the "Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung (UVP)" (environmental compatibility tests) in the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1992, the "UVP-Gesellschaft e.V." has also been dealing with operational environmental management issues and in particular the eco-audit. Since December 6, 1994, the "UVP-Gesellschaft e.V." has been belonging to the founding members of the "Instituts der Umweltgutachter und -berater (IDU)" (institute of the environment experts and advisors).

With approx. 1000 members who are working in study-groups with different topics and regionally in district groups, in the meantime a professional lobby association has formed which - among other things - works out comments on intended laws and decrees and stands up in theory and in practice for more environmental precautions.

The "UVP"-society is editor of the specialist journal "UVP-Report" with information about the environmental compatibility tests and the eco-audit. The "UVP-Report" informs about the latest developments in politics, science and practice and turns to the people who are employed in the field of environmental policy, science, consultation and administration as well as the environmentally sensible public. In addition to that, the "UVP"-society publishes the series of papers "UVP-Spezial" and "UVP- Anforderungsprofil" ("UVP"-requirements specification) as well as special publications.

The field of education is another main point of the work of the "UVP"-society. Own further education events, workshops and so-called "In-House-Seminars" are offered.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wende is the 1st Chairman of the "UVP"-society.

We give expert advice, we give lectures and communicate for up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the subjects "UVP"-environment planning, environment management.


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