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Westerwälder Initiativen u. Betriebe Netz

Haus Felsenkeller

Heimstr. 4
57610 Altenkirchen

Telefon: +49 2681/ 3870 oder 6001
Telefax: +49 2681/ 7638
Adresse e-mail:info@wiben.de
Interlocuteur: Nick, Hermann

Les Thèmes

The "Haus Felsenkeller", built around 1880, was a resort hotel, restaurant, youth leisure place, home of the "BDM" (association of German girls), administration office and has been used as a sociocultural centre since 1986. The project originates from the "Bildungswerk Westerwald e.V." (educational institute Westerwald) which ran the business of the house also during the first 3 years as a regional project developer. In the meantime, an independent association - the registered association "Haus Felsenkeller" - has taken over this task.

"Haus Felsenkeller", a self-administered social company understands itself as a communication centre for people of all age groups and classes of society. A sociocultural centre makes a connection of such differerent fields, such as unemployment, prevention from addictions, psycho-social advice, further education, cultural offers and youth welfare work possible in accordance with our demands. Even self-help groups and initiatives find possibilities here with us to organize themselves and to approach the public, if necessary. In addition to that, the wonderful conference house enables us to organize national education offers in cooperation with other organizers.

Just as 42 other companies and initiatives, Haus Felsenkeller is member of the "WIBeN". The "WIBeN" is the union of ecological and cooperative companies and social, respectively political initiatives. The principles of treating each other are goodwill, confidence and cooperation. The common objective is to influence the social, political and ecological infrastructures of the region. The "WIBeN" began its work in 1985 with a first regional project exhibition whwas to be followed by many others.

We can offer an attractive conference house and give more information about our work. Many projects of the "WIBeN" are experienced in the construction and the financing of ecological and cooperative projects and we can give expert advice in this regard.


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