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Hope for Kenyafamily

Untere Reben 7
5105 Auenstein

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Contact person: Lisa Brandt


The non-profit organisation “Hope for Kenyafamily”, founded in Switzerland in December 2008, is registered in both Switzerland and Kenya. The aim of the organisation is to help, protect and support needy people in Kenya, Africa, in particular to help destitute children and their families to help themselves.


• Building a new orphanage in Voi
• Sponsoring scheme for orphans and for the orphanage
• Building a well
• Ugali-Projects (distribution of food to needy children, elderly and sick people)

Aims of the orphanage project:

• Job creation – starting in the building phase
• A decent life in clean rooms suitable for children
• Provision of fresh, clean drinking water for the families and nearby villages
• Community living, where people help and support each other
• The cultivation of fruit and vegetables
• The cultivation of a smallholding with chickens and goats
• The sale of any excess fruit, vegetables, chickens and meat to people living nearby
• Organising sponsorships for the children, to cover part of annual costs
• Vocational training for both girls and boys in dressmaking and carpentering.

Lisa Brandt is the president of Hope for Kenyafamily in Switzerland.

On request we can offer other net participants advice or a presentation. We can provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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