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Mutter Erde e.V.

Holperstr. 1
57537 Forst - Seifen

Phone No.: +49 2742/ 8251
Fax No.: +49 2742/ 8251
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People who would like to learn more about themselves meet in the Mother-Earth-Community) which got its inspiration from PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA and which was formed in 1983.

People in whom the longing for truth, simplicity, and love awoke and who wish to orientate their lives in direction of this objective.

Over-denominational and interreligious, Seifen is a place for those who recognize eternity in transience and who are striving for the lasting uniting of Creator and creature.

The initiative "Mutter-Erde" puts the immortal part of the human being - his soul - in the centre of attention and concerns itself about the fusion of its material and spiritual aspects.

Here, at the northern edge of the Westerwald, Seifen is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of the whole country. Isolated and very close to nature and extremely quiet, being here is appropriate for all those who wish to find their way back to their own inwardness and who hope for new impulses from outside

We offer overnight accommodation for other net participants. We give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the range of topics: spiritualitity, ethics and human dignity.


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