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New Hope Group

Neue Hoffnung für die Armen

Lerchenweg 3
56767 Uersfeld

Adresse e-mail:New-Hope-Group@web.de
Interlocuteur: Anton Lang

Les Thèmes

Together with his African partners, Anton Lang, retired primary school teacher from Germany, founded “New Hope for the Poor” in Tanzania in 2006, mainly in order to support Aids orphans within their own environment.

We care for the orphans, support their foster families with food and clothing, and buy mosquito nets and mattresses. At school, we provide them with school supplies and uniforms, and we pay for qualified English teachers who can instruct them in smaller groups. We also care for the children if they become ill.

In order to raise environmental awareness among the people, we start with the children. For example, every child may plant a tree and is then personally responsible for its care, to ensure future supplies of raw materials.

All necessary supplies (mainly food and clothing) are purchased in Tanzania to support the local economy. The supplies are then distributed by our trustworthy members to the families that care for the children. This only happens after the needs of the families have been exactly ascertained by people on the spot, thus avoiding the risk of things being diverted from their intended use. Everything is done for the benefit of the children and their foster families.

Projects in the Moshi area, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro:

• Building an orphanage for 25 children.
• Completion of a garden house for the accommodation of visitors.
• Training centre for dressmakers.
• Provision of a computer room.
• Micro loans

Activities in Germany:

• Visits to primary schools to tell children about life in Africa and about our project.

Anton Lang is the founder and president of the organisation “New Hope Group”.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and supply up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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