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Dörrwies e.V.

Dörrwiese 4
54497 Morbach

Phone No.: +49 6533/ 93730
Fax No.: +49 6533/ 93253
Contact person: Kern, Gerhard


Dörrwies e.V. in a registered and charitable association with its headquarters in 54497 Morbach-Merscheid near Trier, since 1983 as a self-administered and nationwide socio-political project of the disabled and not disabled.

15 people are living in the district "Dörrwiese". 9 of them are disabled or psychologically ill people. The association is embedded in the socio-political movement, institutionalised by the Socio-political Society, headquarters in Kassel. This also leads to a cooperation with other organizations of a similar structure as far as their objectives are concerned. In addition to that, a cooperation with the multicultural centre, the information shop and organizations for the disabled in Trier exists.

The activities: house and garden / rural conservation activities, production of herbal salts, therapy visits, patient meetings, visits of cultural events, swimming in the baths of the surrounding areas, sport events on the premises of Dörrwies e.V., summer festivals, visits to friendly institutes, socio-political rounds of talks on the "Dörrwiese" and events in Trier.

Highlights in the history of Dörrwies are certainly the famous summer festivals. The social event, which can hardly be beaten - not even by the opera ball of Vienna - takes place in July or August, when also in the Hunsrück Mountains it is not yet freezing and you can still stay outside in the evening. Food is always so good that there is never enough, but more to drink instead. This attracts also many real Hunsrück citizens to come to Dörrwies and they experience the inhabitants and their way of life which - even though so near - is mostly more strange to them than the culture of the US-Army who dominated the Hunsrück Mountains for many years.

It is difficult to describe what is so special about Dörrwies. First and foremost, it is remarkable that every inhabitant has a lot of freedom for his own personality and many people have passed through an astonishing development.

From the ideological point of view, some people of Dörrwies have an anarchical and atheist attitude. The disabled collaborators are rather free from ideologies. In fact they are all curious to meet visitors.

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