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Weltweite Initiative für Soziales Engagement e.V.

Arnsgruener Kirchsteig 4
08645 Bad Elster

Telefon: +49 (0)37437 530 765, +49 (0)37437 549 535
Adresse e-mail:vorstand@weltweite-initiative.de
Interlocuteur: Pablo Schickinger

Les Thèmes

The Worldwide Social Involvement Initiative, founded in 2002, is a small, registered, non profit-making organisation which is recognised by the state as a sponsoring organisation for development and social aid policy and for peace volunteer duty overseas. The society is open to anyone, regardless of nationality, political leanings, age, creed or income, who wishes to support this idea.

The society enables young men and women to work on grassroots social projects in emerging and developing countries and thus to point the way to a more humane world. The society wants to demonstrate that there are alternatives to military service and to give testimony to peace work. It wishes to create a place of intercultural, reciprocal LEARNING: „Live together, learn from each other!“


• To highlight the possibilities and tap the potential of voluntary work as a time to learn closer participation in, and greater contribution towards, an active civil society..
• To point out social, political and economical grievances by voluntary assignments, and to motivate further people to help remedy these grievances.
• To use international cooperation to demonstrate a social vision – another form of globalisation – humane, cordial, peaceful, tolerant and showing solidarity.

The volunteers help wherever it makes sense to do so. The society cooperates with small local projects, if possible exemplary ones, which have a direct, positive and long-lasting influence on the social environment. This includes projects in:

• Bolivia (House of Culture in a poor district),
• Brazil (street children),
• South Africa (kindergartens for poor families),
• Nicaragua (mobile schools),
• Palestine (education and conciliation),
• Russia (the disabled, old people’s homes),…

Pablo Schickinger is on the committee of the society.

On request, I/we can offer other net participants advice, an expert opinion or a presentation. We can pass on up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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