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Triererstr. 63
54298 Igel

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E-mail adress:KONTAKT@SUNI-EV.DE
Contact person: Barbara Scharfbillig


SUNI, founded in 2008, campaigns for improved education and educational opportunities in Namibia, under the motto „Helping people to help themselves“. SUNI is non-profit-making, its only purposes being charitable and cultural. It is run by dedicated young people who enjoy this voluntary work and the international exchange which it offers. Each project has a mentor who is familiar with the local conditions.


• To support various educational institutions in Namibia;
• To coordinate non-profit-making projects in Germany;
• To promote intercultural exchanges between Namibia and Germany;


• Volunteer program: mediation and support for work placements in Namibian schools as teaching assistants.
• Money raising: support for Namibian schools through donations of money and materials.
• Projects in Germany: Awareness training project „Art for Education“.

Barbara Scharfbillig is on the committee of Suni.

On request we can offer the following to other net participants: advice, a presentation, and up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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