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Girls’ Hope e.V.

c/o Ingeborg Grempel

Am Kinnbach 16
45889 Gelsenkirchen

Telefon: +49/(0)209/816 610
Telefax: +49/(0)209/31 98 770
Adresse e-mail:info@girlshope.de
Interlocuteur: Andreas Vieweg

Les Thèmes

Girls' Hope is a society with the objective of improving educational opportunities for girls in Kenya. It was founded in early 2003. Girls' Hope supports the construction and extension of a secondary school, the Diani Maendeleo Academy in Kenya.

The society’s work is wholly voluntary, which means that we can ensure that any donations we receive go in their entirety to the Kenya project. The money raised is also used to pay school fees for needy children.

We also initiate and finance special projects in the areas of HIV prevention, agriculture and sustainable environmental policies. Girls´ Hope carries out intensive publicity work in Germany, to inform Germans about the problems in Kenya and those of women and girls in particular.

Girls' Hope:

• supports Kenyan girls in obtaining a good upbringing and education:
• cooperates with the Maendeleo Company Ltd;
• supports a girls’ secondary school;
• pays school fees for needy children;
• conducts special projects in the area of health education and agriculture;
• organises events in Germany to inform people about the situation in Kenya, with women and girls in mind;
• carries out intensive publicity work.

Girls’ Hope also offers work experience placements in Kenya and is officially recognised as a non-profit-making organisation.

On request I/we can offer other net participants advice, an expert opinion, a presentation and pass on up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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