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Rochusplatz 1/Burg
7461 Stadtschlaining

Phone No.: +43-(0)3355 2498
Fax No.: +43-(0)3355 2662
Contact person: Elias Bierdel


The Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) was founded in the borough of Stadschlaning in South Burgenland in 1982. Its objective is to contribute to the worldwide promotion of peace and a peaceful resolution of conflicts at every level. Accordingly, the ASPR is engaged in research, education and peace-promoting politics at personal, societal and international levels. In the case of education, it contributes towards conflict management in schools and to extra-curricular activities leading to peaceful conflict management. In 1987, the ASPR – with the help of the European UNESCO organisation – founded the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU).

The ASPR is a private, non profit-making, non-party and independent society.
The research focuses on the annual „State of Peace“conference, as well as research projects primarily dealing with European peace politics. The ASPR has planned and organised an annual Summer Academy since 1983. This major event is aimed at members of the public who are interested in peace politics. It deals with a main theme of urgent current interest, by means of presentations, forum discussions and workshops.

Since 1992, the ASPR has been developing and implementing training and qualification programs for NGOs and government organisations which concern themselves with peace deployments in conflict zones, such as the VN, the OSZE and the EU. Projects which serve to solve conflicts in particular regions peacefully are, for example, The „Summer Academy on OSCE“, as well as projects in southern Caucasus, central Asia, Sri Lanka and in several countries in southern and East Africa, which are promoted by the Austrian government.

The exhibition “War or Peace: from a cult of violence to one of peace” was put on in the year 2000 and formed the foundation for the European Peace Museum.

The ASPR’s publications include the magazine “Peace Forum” and the series “Working Papers” and “Dialogue: Contributions to Peace Research”.

The „Dialogue“series of publications includes the annual report of the „State of Peace“ conference and documentation of the International Summer Academy.

Elias Bierdel is the IPT Programme Coordinator.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. In addition, we can offer advice, an expert opinion, a presentation and up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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