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Vision e.V.

Neuenburger Str. 25, Postfach 91 04 11
51103 Köln

Telefon: +49 (0)221 62 20 81, +49 (0)221 82 95 63 14
Telefax: +49 (0)221 62 20 82
Adresse e-mail:marco.jesse@vision-ev.de
Interlocuteur: Marco Jesse

Les Thèmes

VISION e.V. represents the interests of active and one-time consumers of currently illegal drugs and encourages them to help themselves. It is a state-registered advice centre for addicts and ex-addicts.

The organisation fosters public health awareness by providing information and advice about AIDS, hepatitis and drugs, or refers people on to the appropriate agencies.

The organisation wants to improve existing legal, health care and social conditions for addicts in Germany by:

• supporting the decriminalisation of the use and possession of materials forbidden by the German drug laws,
• demanding facilities and improved abstinence therapies, attendance at which must be voluntary,
• demanding that every kind of state compulsion should be abolished,
• demanding improved conditions in substitution treatment,
• demanding the provision of "health (pressure) rooms" and the creation of a legal basis for programs of controlled heroin supply, which should be available nationwide,
• advising the families of consumers about every kind of drug problem, but especially in those areas not, or only partially, covered by the traditional advice centres.

Vision e.V. provides:

• low threshhold drop-in centre „Junkie Bund Cafe“
• syringe exchange
• mobile medical service from the Ministry of Health
• advice to drug users and their families
• substitute drugs
• voluntary outpatient psychosocial care (PSB) for those on substitutes
• home supervision for outpatients
• assistance in dealing with authorities
• accompaniment for people at court hearings
• the making of telephone calls
• prevention measures in schools, youth centres, educational institutions etc.

Marco Jesse is the secretary of Vision e.V.

On request, I/we can offer other net participants advice, a presentation, and up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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