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Togo Projekte e.V.

Eifeler Str. 16A
46145 Oberhausen

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Contact person: Brigita Trzeczak


In 2001 a private initiative for Togo came into being, from which arose the non-profit-making organisation Togo-Projekte (founded in 2007), which provides development aid in the fields of education and health.

The objective of the organisation is to promote the education of children and adults, job training, arts and culture, development aid and interchange between Germans and foreigners in Germany. In particular, this objective is realised by:

• humanitarian assistance for families in Togo, with special emphasis on women and girls.
• promoting tolerance in every area of culture and of interracial understanding.
• assistance and support measures in the area of health and family care.
• provision of school and work equipment.
• support for technical and agricultural projects with the aim of helping people to help themselves.
• maintenance of community facilities.
• support for techniques and technologies particularly suitable for local use and appropriate to the existing structures in Togo.
• informing German people about the way of life of families and children in Africa/Togo, to encourage understanding and development.

Specific projects:

• the building and support of nursery schools in Togo
• handicraft courses for women and girls
• information presentations regarding the prevention of HIV.

Brigita Trzeczak is the founding member of the organisation.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice or an expert opinion, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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