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The researcher Gisela von Frankenberg (1925 - 1985) assembled the word "Nommologie "from the African word "nommo" = Logos (driving word, female principle, black as unity of all things) and "logie" = logic (to separate, to count etc., male principle, white as the multitude of things), the female logos preceding the male one.

In 1963, Gisela von Frankenberg met the afro-American artist and philosopher Lawrence Compton Kolawole in New York, whose pictures contained step by step symbols with which the researcher worked later. With these symbols or basic motives and with the help of the art and the tradition of all nations and races as well as all continents the researcher finally succeeded in assembling the world formula for which the male science is still searching today.

The "Nommologie" or "logos-logic" which Gisela von Frankenberg described in her work answers among other things the question

- of the phsychologists about the original pictures,
- of the politicians about the reasons of the international conflicts,
- of the onthologues about the sense of being,
- of the women about the reason of the hostility to women,
- of the sociologists about the reasons of racism,
- of the theologians about the return of Christ,
- of the artists about the function of the art and
- of the natural scientists about what keeps the matter together deep down inside.

In "Nommologie" this does not happen with the help of a new theory but on the basis of the decoding-code for semantic documentation which was rediscovered by the researcher. With the "Nommologie" the reseracher enlarged the historical space of the "homo sapiens" from 7,000 to more than 25,000 years. But she also goes back to the time before that and shows the way into the future which is no longer only governed by logic but by common sense = Logos and Logic.

Gisela Meussling was born in Bergen on the island Rügen in 1935, she is experienced in journalisms (print media) as well as in making magazines and books. In addition to that, she spends her time among other things with the Black and White Art. Her main interest is to continue the publication of the Nommo-books of Gisela von Frankenberg and Lawrence Compton Kolawoles.

After prior agreement, I offer overnight accommodations for one or two net participants. Apart from that, I can give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the fields of nommology, racism and women's subjects.


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