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SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.

Propsteistraße 2
56154 Boppard-Hirzenach

Telefon: + 49 67 41 22 32
Telefax: + 49 67 41 23 10
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SOLWODI (SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress) is a registered charity organization, which is neither affiliated to any political party nor any religion. Its aim is to help women in distress. It originated in Mombasa in Kenya, where the idea for SOLWODI was born in 1985.

The foundation of SOLWODI in Kenya:
When the nun Dr. Lea Ackermann was working as a teacher in Mombasa in the 1980s, she heard about Kenyan women who were forced to work as prostitutes to earn a living. In order to help those women, in 1985 Dr. Lea Ackermann founded SOLWODI, an organization which is still providing help and advice to Kenyan prostitutes today.

The foundation of SOLWODI in Germany:
When Dr. Ackermann returned to Germany, she quickly realized the many problems that women from abroad were facing in Germany. She therefore founded SOLWODI Germany in 1987, working independently and not affiliated to any political party or religion, trying to support migrant women who needed help or who had become victims of trafficking, exploitation, violence or enforced marriages.

The main activities are the provision of psychological support, legal advice, safe flats, support towards integration, or help when women wish to return to their home countries.

Contact with other associations and advice centres is indispensable for the care of victims of violence and human trafficking. Hence SOLWODI works closely with organisations and associations at home and abroad. This networking is also an important factor in public relations work.

For many years SOLWODI has been successfully working together with other aid organisations in Germany and in other countries. This means that the most appropriate help can be given to the women.

On request we can offer other net participants expert advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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