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Ellerstr. 67
53119 Bonn

Phone No.: +49 228/ 604240
Fax No.: +49 228/ 6042422
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The task of the foundation "MITARBEIT" is to support the democratic development from below. It wants to encourage people to develop initiative on their own and to participate in the solution of tasks of the community. Democracy can only become alive if as many citizens in our society as possible are willing to interfere and to assume a democratic share of the responsibility.

Since 1963, the foundation "MITARBEIT" therefore supports civil commitment and self-help activities in different fields of action. This happens by

- publications and public relations work,
- further vocational training measures, specialist conferences, information markets and discussion forums,
- projects and model developments,
- offers to give advice for initiatives and political organizations,
- promotion of networking and cooperation projects,
- supportive measures for starting new initiatives.

The foundation was founded by committed personalities from science, politics, and economy, some of them with very different political convictions. Still today, this party-political independence is a supporting pillar of our work.

We hold seminars, give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts regarding the topics: citizens participation and project work.


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