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Dry Lands Project e.V.

Bowatta Temple Road
61210 Mudukatuwa/ Marawila
Sri Lanka

Phone No.: +94 776973931
Fax No.: +94-322250126
Contact person: Frank Lieneke


The Dry Lands Project is an aid organisation set up by the German Frank Lieneke in January 2005. The headquarters of the initiative are in Lengerich (Germany), its operations are limited at the moment to the island of Sri Lanka. Frank Lieneke has built on what was initially a project for emergency tsunami aid, and the Dry Lands Project has now become a long-term support measure for orphaned and neglected children in Sri Lanka.

Main Project:

The association was able to open the first building of its own in August 2006 – a children’s home for girls in Marawila, approx. 60 km north of the capital, Colombo.

At the present time, 20 children aged from 7 to 17 live in the Angels Home for Children and are lovingly cared for by local staff as well as volunteer German workers. Furthermore, the girls have the opportunity to enjoy varied educational and leisure activities. Among them are, for example:

• Tutoring in English and mathematics
• Lessons in the traditional Kandy-Dance
• Work in our own library
• Computer lessons
• Creative activities
• Learning household duties and various handicrafts

The main objective of the Dry Lands Project is continued support of the girls after they reach maturity and until they are assured of an independent and financially secure future.

A further Children’s Home is planned on a neighbouring plot, to increase our capacity and thus offer even more girls a happy childhood. It will be home to up to 60 girls, and will include numerous training centres.

Further projects:

• Girls’ Home in Wennappuwa: the building of a sanitary facility for 60 children, in the years 2005 and 2006 occasional aid in the form of food and toys.
• Home for the disabled in Waikala: the donation of a wheelchair, sporadic food aid and financial contributions.
• State school in the urban district of Mudukatuwa: help with the refurbishment of various classrooms, financing school materials, the building of a new classroom.
• State hospital in Marawila: the donation of an ECG machine, two wheelchairs and numerous medicines and dressing materials.

The Dry Lands Project e.V. is financed solely by private donations and sponsorships. In view of the size and level of prominence of the organisation, this often proves difficult. For this reason, Frank Lieneke and his team are reliant on any kind of support, especially in this present building phase.

On request I/we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation, and pass on our experience and knowledge as well as up-to-date information and contacts.


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