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Vezuthando - Zeigt Liebe e.V.

Elbinger Straße 20
26409 Wittmund

Telefon: +49 (0) 4462 9235400
Adresse e-mail:info@vezuthando.de
Interlocuteur: Holger Vogt

Les Thèmes

”Vezuthando” is a Zulu word meaning „show love“ (in German, „zeigt Liebe“) – the Zulus being the largest section of the population in South Africa. ”Vezuthando – Zeigt Liebe e.V.“ is a non profit making organisation based in Kamp Lintfort, Germany, which was founded in 2006.

Our founding members have all been on the spot in Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa. Five of us have lived and worked there for a year, alongside the members of “Vezuthando – show love“ in South Africa. We have all seen with our own eyes the conditions under which people in Kwa Zulu – Natal have to live and have therefore decided to offer long term support to the people of this region – which has the highest AIDS rate in South Africa.

Our projects:

• Zimele which can be translated as “stand on your own two feet“ is the motto and aim of the organisation supported by Vezuthando since the middle of 2008.
In the regions of Swayimane and Drakensbergen, in the South African Province of KwaZulu Natal, women are taking their lives into their own hands again. Zimele brings women together into small self-help groups, where they learn how to handle money and to set up small enterprises. At the same time they can discuss day-to-day problems. Zimele stands for “United we are strong“ – no longer to stand helpless in the face of poverty, HIV and unemployment.
The Craft Project has been extended with the support of Vezuthando. Women use their skills to make artistic products out of traditional materials.
Vezuthando decided to support this project in particular, because it enables women to generate their own income. After training, all participants are able to lead a self-determined life and to provide for their families – their children go to school, the self esteem of the women is raised through the backing they receive and the whole economic situation of the families improves.

• Build & Ride: One of the primary aims of Vezuthando – Zeigt Liebe e.V. is to present people in Germany with a realistic picture of this breathtaking and fascinating continent. With our “Build and Ride” project, we would like to change permanently the negative idea of Africa which people often have in their minds, created not least by the media and by the advertising campaigns of various aid organisations.

We organise regular visits for up to ten young and young-at-heart people, so that they can experience our partner countries in Africa at first hand. At the moment we are cooperating with three partner organisations in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Togo. Those wishing to take part can apply throughout the year.

On request I/we can offer other net participants advice, an expert opinion, or a presentation, and we can provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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