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Ökozentrum Bonn e.V.

Friesdorfer Str. 6
53173 Bonn

Phone No.: +49 228/ 692220
Fax No.: +49 228 / 976 86 15
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The Ökozentrum Bonn (ecological centre of Bonn) is a registered charitable association. It was founded in 1982 with the intention to place room in the form of its office also at the disposal of other groups whose objectives correspond to those of the Ökozentrum. Behind that there is the idea to establish a functioning structure as a basis for the charitable work in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection with the cooperation of many small groups. In the meantime, the association offers a modest, but completely equipped office. The ecological centre is opened during the usual opening hours so that we can accept and pass on information all the time. This is an important contribution to the work of the environmental protection and nature conservation groups who are working in an honorary capacity:

But the "Ökozentrum" is more than an office. With its diverse equipment which can be borrowed the "Ökozentrum" offers the various groups a good basis for the organization of their own events, exhibitions and actions. At present, the "Ökozentrum" accommodates the following groups:

- Bund für Umwelt- und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND), Kreisgruppe Bonn, (association for environmental protection and nature conservation, Germany, district group Bonn,
- BUNDjugend (association for young persons),
- Greenpeace Gruppe Bonn (Greenpeace group of Bonn),
- Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD), Kreisverband Bonn/ Rhein-Sieg/ Ahr, (traffic club Germany, district association Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/ Ahr,
- Bürgeraktion Umweltschutz Bonn (BUB), (citizens' reaction environmental protection, Bonn,
- Ökobankgruppe Bonn (ecological bank group, Bonn),
- Bonner Umwelt-Zeitung (environment newspaper, Bonn).

Due to the fact that the different groups are all located in the "Ökozentrum", the cooperation is more effective.

In addition to the shop, there is also an information room where the materials of the resident groups are laid out. Moreover, the "Ökozentrum" can supply information about almost all ecological questions or establishes corresponding contacts. Not least due to the location of the numerous groups in the "Ökozentrum" Bonn, today the association is an important information and contact centre for people who are interested in ecological matters in that region. In accordance with the basic idea the office is furthermore open for all ecologically committed groups.

We communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts with regard to the subjects: protection and care of nature and environment.


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