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Stiftung Brücke

Ernst-Barlach-Str. 45
79312 Emmendingen

Telefon: +49 (0) 7641-555 32
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Adresse e-mail:info stiftung-bruecke.de
Interlocuteur: Dr. Peter Haas, Bettina Mühlen-Haas

Les Thèmes

The Bridge Trust supports people in poor areas to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Once their basic needs – food, housing, education and health care – are satisfied, they can begin to build a decent life. In particular, the Trust funds projects that maintain ecological variety and use regenerative energy. The Bridge Trust works on humanitarian, ecological and economic principles. Among its projects:

Honey project in Uganda, Africa: in Kyaruka Sub County we support a beekeeping project, helping local farmers to supplement their income by the construction of beehives. The project is run from Germany by the non-profit society "Schenke eine Ziege" (“Give a goat”).

Bicycle mills in Burkina Faso, Africa: in the village of Goko near Ouahigouya we support the construction of 1 – 2 mills powered by bicycle, which were developed by the “Movement” society and built by local artisans using local materials.

Well digging in Masaka, Uganda/Africa: the idea of doing without presents for a „round number“ birthday, and instead collecting money for the sinking of a well in Uganda has really caught on. It has enabled 5 wells to be dug and put into use in Uganda.

Old People’s Home in Rema, Ethiopia: in the village of Rema there were 12 women living in extreme poverty, in inhumane conditions, with no relatives to help them. The non-profit organisation „Solace Abessinia“ sponsors the project and together we have built an Old People’s Home with running water, kitchen and toilet. In addition, we have built up a social network linking young villagers with the elderly.

Basic health care in the villages of Burkina Faso: the APERSEC society (Association notre dame du Perpétuel Secours) helps the population in the surrounding villages to provide their own health care. Women are trained as “village helpers” by being given basic medical training and they pass on their knowledge of health and hygiene.

School project in Burkina Faso: The Bridge Trust funds the building of a school for 25 orphans, whose parents have died of Aids. In the province of Ganzourgou (110 km east of the capital Ougadougou) they are cared for by the society "Association Cri de Cœur pour Enfants Déshérités" (ACCED) – which means “Cry from the heart for disadvantaged children.”

Village development in Bangladesh: in the poorest region of Bangladesh abandoned women live below the poverty line with their children. The MATI project helps them with a village development project. The women receive advice and education. The Bridge Trust has funded 35 heifers. 35 families can now survive by breeding from them.

We can offer overnight accoommodation to other net participants on request. In addition we can offer a consultation, an expert opinion or make a presentation. We can provide up-to-date expertise and contacts in the field of development cooperation.


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