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Maweni e.V.

c/o Mwabasi

Dörnigheimer Str. 2
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Phone No.: +49 (0) 69 - 48006865
Fax No.: +49 (0) 177 - 440 37 60
Contact person: Anita Mwabasi (Vorsitzende)


Maweni helps HIV-infected mothers and children in Kenya.
On a trip to Kenya in 2005, Anita Mwabasi, of Frankfurt, learned about the plight of children there. Together with Reinhard Klöpper, from Hanau and some other close friends, Anita Mwabasi founded the society "Maweni" in Frankfurt in 2006.
The name derived from the small village of Maweni. It was there that they helped the small school, by providing better equipment. In 2010 an orphanage was built in Ukunda, on the south coast of Kenya, with considerable financial help from the Maweni society. Since 2012, Maweni has been supporting a project for pregnant HIV-infected women and their children in Tunyai, Kenya. Maweni is supported in its work by the Development Assistance Advisory Board in the town of Hanau.
The AIDS clinic at the Tunyai Health Centre
Since 2012 the Maweni society has been regularly supporting the operation of this HIV outpatient clinic. Their partner here is the the "Dream Program" of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Kenya. In the AIDS clinic, Maweni carries out its mother-child HIV prevention work. Pregnant women are offered an HIV test. In the case of HIV infection, they are included in the program to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, in which the transmission of HIV from the mother to the baby can be prevented by using AIDS drugs. Infection during pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding can be reduced from 40% to 2-3% in this way. 29 babies have been born to HIV positive mothers in the Health Centre so far. All of them are HIV negative.
Maweni finances the running costs for mother-and-child therapy in the Health Clinic. Pregnant women who are shortly due to give birth, as well as more seriously ill patients, can be driven to the Clinic an an ambulance which Maweni paid to be repaired in 2014. This also increased the number of HIV patients in the AIDS clinic. Twice a week, the ambulance now brings blood samples to the state hospital about 50 km away. The samples determine liver function and haemoglobin levels of the patients in Tunyai.

The Children's Village in Nchiru
In the future we would also like to help HIV-infected children at the Nchiru orphanage. 130 to 140 infected children live there. Since the space and the equipment of the children's village affiliated outpatient clinic are not sufficient, Maweni, in cooperation with the Dream Program, is trying to gradually improve the situation.

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