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Interlocuteur: Müller-Antoine, Marianne

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The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. What they will turn out to be is very often decided in their childhood. Not enough love, poor meals, childhood diseases, insufficient school education or violence and abuse leave their marks on their journey through life.

Children are the future of the world. We all know that. And still much too little is being done to shape our world in a child-friendly way. Besides that, around half of the world population is less than 18 years old. The great majority of the two up to three billion children and young persons is living in developing countries. Consequently, the destiny of mankind is decided there.

We must not stand and watch, if millions of children struggle hard to survive day by day. We are all called upon to do something for the children in the world: in the south just as in the north. Every child has a right of health, education, food, protection against violence, exploitation and discrimination.

With help programmes in 161 countries and worldwide commitment for the children's interests UNICEF, the children's relief organization of the United Nations stands up for the realization of the children's rights all over the world. In this regard, UNICEF set itself the following goals for the year 2000:

- clean drinking-water for all families,
- reduction of the death rate of children below the age of five by one third,
- primary school education with school-leaving qualification for at least 80% of all girls and boys,
- protection of 100 million of children against insufficient and wrong food.

Marianne Müller-Antoine is education referee of UNICEF Germany.

We offer expert advice and up-to-date specialist information on the subjects development policy and children's rights.


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