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Friedenskreis Halle e.V.

Große Klausstr. 11
06108 Halle

Phone No.: +49 (0)345/279807-10
Fax No.: +49 (0)345/279807-11
Contact person: Christof Starke


The experience of the peaceful "Wende" in 1989 awakened in many people the hope that a Germany without a military could be possible. This hope led people from various civil initiatives in Halle together to found the Friedenskreis in 1990.

The Friedenskreis Halle e.V. is an group of people of differing world views, religions, nationalities and political affiliations. We see peace not as a state of being or as a distant goal, and not simply as the absence of war.

Peace is for us a means to a common, just and non-violent life together in diversity, where the personal development and liberty of the individual is made possible. The conception of this life together is always a new experience.

This is why we try to explore, find and pass on new ways of doing so, while never forgetting to question the same. We are consequently involved in education, peace-associated activities and in projects for civil conflict resolution on both the domestic and international levels.

Our work is made possible by paid and voluntary staff and carried through donations and public subsidies.

Our current programme and projects:

• Local work for peace
• International education and encounter
• Education and mediation in civil, non-violent conflict resolution in foreign countries
• Centre for civil, non-violent conflict resolution
• Volunteering within Germany and abroad
• Project for civil , non violent konflict work internationaly
• The Library of Peace Halle
• Consulting service for conscientious objectors

For other net participants we can give expert advice, give an expert report, give a lecture, communicate specialist information and arrange for new contacts in the field of our work.


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