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RESET - For a better World

Strassburger Str. 41
10405 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 479 830 80
Adresse e-mail:info@reset.to
Interlocuteur: Uta Mühleis

Les Thèmes

RESET is a non-profit organization. Its key role is turning public attention toward sustainable development and efficiently using donations (money, time, materials) to realize this goal.

Via progressive methods and fresh projects, RESET appeals to individuals, companies, and organizations that are committed to environmental protection and global justice.

www.reset.to: The Most Up-to-date and Comprehensive Information Portal and Platform for Action

RESET focuses on an integrated and holistic approach, as initiated with the www.reset.to website, the current leading German-language information portal and platform for environmental protection and humanitarianism action.

Daily updates and thorough background information help raise awareness of sustainable living. Additional tips and suggestions assist in making one's own lifestyle more sustainable. Event notifications and petitions offer opportunities to personally contribute to the cause.

After careful research and assessment, www.reset.to recommends projects aiding the reduction of climate change and improving living conditions in problem areas. RESET as a non-profit organization does not charge any fees for said intermediation, thus offering numerous means to sensibly put more than EUR 3 billion of donated funds to good use.

RESET's other primary goal is optimizing the use of donations. In 2007, in Germany alone, approximately EUR 2.8 billion was donated by close to 26 million people, which averages EUR 100 per individual.

Apart from efficient resource management, RESET is involved in projects related to cultural exchange and the fostering of international dialog. Strengthening these "soft factors" (e.g. through “Global Eyes TV”) is a form to promote humanitarian thinking and activism.

For other net participants we can give expert advice, give an expert report, give a lecture, communicate specialist information and arrange for new contacts in the field of our work.


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